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hiring the hall for functions (ie: with the bar)

The Club room can, generally, be hired for functions for £20. This includes the PA system. If you want to do any catering, you will find that the Club has little more than a sink and tap - there is no proper kitchen for even limited food preparation. If you want to put up party decorations, that can usually be arranged, but we do expect the Club to end up as it started and any damage to paintwork etc is your responsibility.

To be a hirer, you need to be a member; life membership costs £5. Join here.

The above arrangements apply when the Club bar will be used. (The turnover from the bar enables us to provide the staff to open and close and supervise the Club.) If you don't need the bar, you may still be able to hire the hall, but then these other arrangements apply.

Please contact us to make arrangements or to discuss your needs.

When contacting us, please tell us something about your event. For example: is it a family party, a typical gig , a poetry session, dancing, or an intimate session listening to a string quartet? We ask, as to suit the event we might suggest re-arranging the furniture, setting up lights, putting candles on the tables, and so on. We would appreciate any general information you have about your event such as numbers and the overall age profile.

Hiring is subject to availability and the general arrangements.

See here if you are a band playing a public event.

Note: the dispensation whereby for members of long standing (ie: more than 12 months), room hire when the bar is used is free has been withdrawn; everyone pays £20. [8Nov2018]

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