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bands playing a public event

We welcome bands who want to use the Club for a public event: that's one of the main reasons the Club exists.

The general principle is that we provide the hall and bar and the band provides the music; the band gets paid by ticket sales (ie: they "play for the door"). Of course, we do what we can to publicise events (web, newsletter, Facebook, posters, etc) but for a successful event, the band will do its own marketing too.

Every event will be different when it comes to who does what. If there are to be variations, we will agree them by email in the run-up to the event.

The default position is as follows

  1. You receive the income from ticket sales. You set the price.
  2. We run the bar.
  3. You will provide someone to collect tickets.
  4. You will do marketing for the event:
    1. create a poster;
    2. print posters;
    3. create and print fliers;
    4. provide WMSC with a 210x297px (or scaled larger) jpg of the poster;
    5. provide WMSC with a 1920x1080px (or scaled similarly) jpg for use on Facebook;
    6. provide WMSC with a square jpeg for use on SeeTickets.
    7. post the event on local music lists (printed and on the web);
    8. use your own mailing list to publicise the event;
    9. create a Facebook event (if you use Facebook).
  5. We will do marketing for the event:
    1. advertise the event via the WMSC newsletter;
    2. advertise the event on the WMSC web site;
    3. take your Facebook event and link it to the WMSC FaceBook page;
    4. publicise the event via other social media sites;
    5. set up an entry on a ticketing site (SeeTickets).
  6. You will provide a named, competent, sound engineer who will manage the sound during the performance. If you cannot do this, we may be able to assist.
  7. You may use our PA equipment if you have a named, competent, sound engineer.

If you are doing the marketing, you may find this checklist of use.

We shall agree the actual arrangements when a booking is agreed.

If you are producing the posters, we need jpgs from you at least four weeks before the event - desirably more.

If, as the date of an event approaches, we do not believe that enough marketing has been done to obtain an acceptably-sized audience we reserve the right to cancel the event. We would do this only after consulting you.

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