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other hiring of the hall

This applies when the hall is hired and the bar is not in use.

Note: the Club room is not available for hire for practices or rehearsals if you propose to make a loud noise. In this context, "loud" means louder than 80dB. If you don't know what this means, please find out before booking rather than after we've had a complaint. We are in a residential area, and do not want to cause nuisance to our neighbours. Please help us in this; the down-side could be closure of the Club and that would be a great loss.

There are two cases which may apply:

non-commercial use

If the hall is to be used for non-commercial use, the cost is £20 for a day or part day (up to 8 hours). You need to be a member. The general arrangements apply.

commercial use

By 'commercial use' we mean when you are carrying out an activity for which you are being paid or which is being done by or on behalf of a commercial organisation. If your organisation is 'charitable' we may be prepared to let the hall at non-commercial rates: contact us to discuss this.

If you want the hall for commercial use, the charge is £7 an hour or part hour. But, please note, if you have an event which lasts for an hour, you are very likely to want to be there some time before and for some time afterwards; in this case, you will almost certainly need to book the hall for an extra hour.

The general arrangements apply.

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