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the new constitution - 2017

Last year, we had another attempt at becoming a registered charity. We were unsuccessful; the Charity Commission did not feel that we are charitable enough for their purposes. A charity's objectives must be wholly charitable and solely charitable. Our defined objectives are wholly charitable, but the CC is not persuaded that they are solely charitable (ie: we still look too much like a social club). For example: we organise events and organising events is not deemed to be charitable. There was more to it than that, but that's the essence.

We have decided to stop banging our head against a brick wall and instead incorporate as a Community Interest Company or CIC. This is a form of company set up to benefit the community rather than private individuals; from our point of view, it's the next best thing to being a charity. You don't get all the advantages of being a charity (essentially, not paying tax) but you are still more likely to be able to get access to grants available to CICs.

To become a CIC, you need to draw up Articles of Association (ie: a constitution) and register with the Regulator of Community Interest Companies. The draft Articles are here (as a pdf). The draft contains explanatory text which is not repeated here. There is a second version of the Articles, which does not contain explanatory text, here (as a pdf).

If the AGM 2017 gives the go-ahead, we shall apply.

EGM - 1st November 2017

At the AGM, we were unable to pass the motion to change the constitution as there was not a quorum. An EGM has been called to complete that business. The agenda for the EGM and the motion on which we shall vote is here.

The motion on which we propose to vote is:
The club has agreed that:
a. the club shall have a new constitution as a Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee as defined in the articles dated 3 March 2017;
b. the rules of the club shall be superseded by the above articles.

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